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Vaudeville Villain Mf Doom Zip

In September 1999, Dumile would release his debut studio album Operation: Doomsday under a new stage name, MF DOOM, wearing a mask similar to that of Marvel Comics super-villain Doctor Doom. In 2003, he would release his second and third studio albums, Take Me to Your Leader, under the stage name King Geedorah, and Vaudeville Villain under the name Viktor Vaughn.

Vaudeville villain mf doom zip

Dumile's first commercial breakthrough came in March 2004, with the album Madvillainy, released with producer Madlib under the group name Madvillain. The album peaked at number 179 on the US Billboard 200. In August of that year, he released the next Viktor Vaughn album, VV:2, which was followed by his fifth studio album Mm..Food in November. 350c69d7ab


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