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Profit Plus 2k8 Keygen Software: What You Need to Know - Quora

Itâs hard to determine whether the authors profit from giving away their code or not. Itâs definitely not a part of their monthly salary, but you could argue that the source code enables them to develop versions without being tied to a particular vendor, distribution model or even particular hardware. Perhaps, by giving the code away they give the hobby back to its users.

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In the case of 3D World Builder, all code is released under the GPL. 3D World Builder is mostly written in C# and the âcodeâ is not even the program, that is the actual 3D World Builder IDE and Game Client that you download. The program requires the full version of the DirectX SDK to function and the content of the program is partially checked against the DirectX SDK. This means, that it is only one small fraction of the DirectX SDK that is directly needed to allow you to run the program, and that any user is completely free to create different or even even patched versions of the program. A true Software Freedom Day would require all users to be able to create entirely different versions, with their own permissions and modifications. They would not have to ask permission of any other user or publisher.

It is possible that the authors donât receive any financial compensation at all. It is possible that they only receive token payments for the time they spend to write the code. It is also possible that, at least for small scale software like 3D World Builder, the authors profit massively from an increased exposure of their program. I can not prove that, I can only speculate. My theory would be that many of the so called crackers do it as a âfunâ, because they want to play with their friends, and because any lasting or even extra income is better than the unstable life they lead as crackers. It might also be that they can feel an improvement in their self-esteem and take pleasure in giving something back to the programming community that has enabled them to achieve this, or, most likely, that they do it just because it feels good. Whatever their reasons are, I find it totally acceptable. If you dont like it, donât use 3D World Builder or any other software for that matter. You are free to create your own software or âpatchesâ, just do not stop others from doing the same thing, because software Freedom is about the freedom to share your creations, period.


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