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Crime And Detective Magazine India Pdf Download |TOP|

the aforementioned suggests that the state and central governments need to pay more attention to policing. however, there are other aspects of crime detection. these include setting up of crime prevention systems, relying on technology (e.g., bsnls crime and criminal tracking network system and the national crime records bureaus national crime records bureau integrated police information system), as well as designing and implementing crime deterrence strategies. further, in some cases, the onus of criminal law or liability falls on the state rather than the offender himself. for example, the state may be liable for acts of omission or commission by its employees or agents. further, the state may be liable if a contractor or private individual provides a service and the service causes harm to the victim. these aspects also deserve attention.

crime and detective magazine india pdf download

information systems and technology are increasingly important in crime detection, as well as in policing. the national crime records bureau, for instance, has a specialised crime and criminal tracking network system. this system collects relevant information on crime, such as the nature and the location of the crime, and provides this information to police officers. [42] however, these systems have several disadvantages. for example, they cannot capture the entire spectrum of crime, and it is often difficult to establish what data is being collected and how the data is being used.

another aspect of crime investigation is that it is often conducted by investigating officers who are not trained as such. indian police officers are not trained to conduct a criminal investigation. [43] a 2003 study noted that training of constables was inadequate in some states; only 32% of the constables received training in crime investigation and detecting lies. in some states, officers are trained to investigate a particular crime, but not trained to investigate other crimes. this is because conducting a criminal investigation requires a different set of skills from the skills required to perform other duties such as traffic control or investigating a case of cheating. furthermore, training in detection of lies and other techniques (e.g., interviewing, handwriting analysis, and forensic laboratory work) is often neglected.


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