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Windows 7 Home Basic Oa Sea 26

I have downloaded windows from this given link but still i m facing problem because it's not bootable windows, mean to say i have create bootable usb through this OS but still there is some error in windows might be i m wrong but i m facing problem but i have found another url

windows 7 home basic oa sea 26

I only had a Winows 7 Pro disk which was no use for re-building a friend's laptop with Home Premium that had corrupted. Needless to say the laptop was from one of those suppliers that don't include a recovery disk or image and she hadn't been told that she needed to make a disk as soon as she got it home! Moral of the story is MAKE SURE YOU MAKE A RECOVERY DISK!!!!

I have windows pre-installed in my lenovo U410. I want to move the os to the ssd portion of the hybrid drive. Will this procedure work in this case? and, if it does, can I use my licence on the sticker to activate my windows copy?

I have had far more luck with the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool. You use a Windows 7 machine to run the app so it puts the proper windows 7 drivers on a USB Flash (4GB or larger). It formats it, puts the ISO on for you and makes a single device that you can boot from.

The windows DVD (ANY of Them) DO NOT INCLUDE Drivers for your particular system, you need to provide these when windows is asking for them during an install ..... they can be downloaded from the computer or motherboard manufacturer website most of the time.

you need to have these drivers on a separate dvd or usb drive Before you install Windows 7 and you CANNOT use a USB3 Port to do it .... you have to use a USB2 Port for the install as windows7 knows nothing about USB3 until you install drivers after the install.

i am trying to follow your instructions, but im a little confused. when i click on the windows 7 home premium x64 with sp1 (bootable) link, when downloaded, it opens up in roxio easy media creator, and it prompts me to burn the dvd right away. I clicked on save file and all but cant find it on my system. Am I missing something? is that link the link for the image or is it soemthing else. I have a product key but it hasnt ask me anywhere where I need to input it

As long as you have a valid product key you should be able to search for the windows 7 ISO and download it to make a windows 7 disk. The issue is locating the the drivers. Try the acer web site and the web. I had an acer with windows 8 installed and since I had a key for windows 7 was able to download everything I needed from the internet. Last resort is to buy the restore from ACER.

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