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Because comfort and performance shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Meet the mouse and keyboard combo that combines the best of both worlds. A full-size keyboard is fully loaded with a LCD display, number pad, and palm rest, so you can work at peak efficiency and comfort. The contoured mouse is sculpted for the shape of your right hand, and features programmable buttons, hyper-fast scrolling, and precision tracking that works on most surfaces.

Two Worlds 1 Serial Number Keyge

The BIND DNS server zone files (ZoneRunner) are not by default copied between LTM HA members. The only way to replicate this between members is by enabling Synchronize DNS Zone File within the GTM (DNS) synchronization group. Everytime a change is made to the zone file the zones serial number is incremented by one, all synchronized zones should have the exact same serial number.

Register using a QR code: To identify your device's serial number through a QR code, tap Scan QR code, and tap OK. Line up your phone's camera with the device's QR code. Make sure you use the barcode on the device itself, not on the packaging. When the device is found, follow the on-screen instructions to register it.

When registering a product to your Samsung account, you will need to enter some information about your device. Some mobile devices (like phones or LTE tablets) require you to enter an IMEI number, while appliances and other devices require a serial number and model number. However, keep in mind that if you can sign into your Samsung account on the device, that will automatically register it to your Samsung account.


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