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Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson

Scuffham Sgear 2 With BEST Crack

this pedal is the perfect gateway for someone who wants to start working with pedals but doesnt want to jump on into expensive plugins. however, if you are looking for an amplifier simulator, i do not recommend this pedal. the sound you can get out of it is simply not believable. (its ok in a bedroom, though. perfect for someone who doesnt want to spend $500+ on an amp). the ability to get out a guitar tone that is genuine is the best part of this pedal.

Scuffham Sgear 2 With Crack


again, everyone i know has said that this is a must try. they are all hooked on it. you have to pick up this version too if you want to make more experimentation into overdrives, tremolo, compression and such. (you will need an external input for the whammy effect though)

i use simple classic tones (guitar,bass,drums,keys) in most of my mixdowns. i like it best to use some classic amp sounds to quickly find the right sound and its all about tweaking eq,compression (gel or plugins like cantoria),phase shifters or just using wet/dry. ive also worked with several methods for creating a live sound, and dont like it when you just layer a whole rig. i prefer a piecemeal approach. when miking the drums i am not measuring the room or anything like that. i just set the level on a mic and position it. it doesnt matter what mic you use, you can use a condenser just fine. the most important thing you need to know is where the drums are in relation to you and the rest of the mix. the recording space is just one small portion of the time spent on a song. you are going to spend much more time tracking the vocals, drums and bass. drum trackers can be a good approach for recording a drum track. once it is recorded, you can cut and paste the track and move it to another mixdown, or you can engineer things the way you want it. i prefer to do things the way i want it on a song by song basis. this is what i did with the demo and it worked well. i had a little trouble with the mono drums from the combo, but i saved it and it worked fine in the mix.


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